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Welfare Innovation Zealand Denmark

A network of 17 Danish Local Authorities

Welfare Innovation Zealand Denmark is a network organisation of 17 (out of 98) Danish public procurers/local authorities in the field of eHealth and assisted living services.

Welfare Innovation Zealand Denmark aims to:

  • Make recommendations on business cases of assisted living and eHealth projects which are of particular interest for the local authorities
  • Facilitate collaboration between groups of local authorities on implementation and deployment projects
  • Facilitate collaboration of development projects
  • Ensure knowledge sharing to support implementation across the 17 local authorities.


Strengthen development, implementation and deployment of asisted living and eHealth services and technologies within 17 local authorities of Region Zealand, Denmark.


  • Contribute towards savings for local authorities
  • Improve services for citizens
  • Improve working conditions of employees
  • Contribute towards growth of enterprises

Action Planning

In the course of 2012 – 2015 different procurers/local authorities will take part in 5 different working groups focusing on implementation and deployment of assisted living and eHealth services.

Business cases of assisted living and eHealth services will be identified throughout local, regional, national or European experiences and documentation.


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